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Selling Equipment "Loaded" on Buyers' Truck and What to Consider:

When a dealer presents you with an offer for your machine, stating it should be "loaded on a truck," it means that you are responsible for covering rigging costs and preparing the machine for shipping. Here are some important considerations:

  1. Professional Rigging: It's advisable to always engage professional riggers and technicians for this task. Even if you have the capability to load the machine yourself, hiring experts is the safer option. Ensure that they have proper insurance coverage in case any unfortunate incidents occur.

  2. Professional Machine Prep: Similarly, hire a professional technician to prepare the machine. Investing a bit extra in this step can ensure that the machine is securely fastened, preventing any movement during transportation. This not only safeguards the machine's condition but also provides peace of mind for the next buyer.

  3. Consider Selling "As Is, Where Is": In the end, it may be worth considering not accepting offers that require the machine to be "loaded on the buyer's truck." Instead, you can opt to sell your equipment "as is, where is," allowing the dealers to assume the responsibility for preparing and loading the machine, along with the associated costs and liabilities.

By following these guidelines, you can make a more informed decision when selling your equipment and ensure a smoother and safer transition for both you and the buyer.

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