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Don't Buy a Used Machine That Is Not Under Power!

Updated: Jun 13

Buying used machinery comes with inherent risks. To minimize these risks, especially since used machinery is often purchased "as is," avoid buying a machine that can't be seen under power.

Inspections are critical to confirming the machine's condition and can save you from expensive repairs and costly downtime. Even startup guarantees, while offering some protection, do not eliminate the cost of downtime, which can often be more expensive than the repairs themselves.

If you inquire about a machine that isn’t under power, be cautious. Unless you budget for potential repairs and are prepared for possible downtime, we recommend continuing your search for a better option.

Remember, most dealers know little about the history of the equipment they are selling. They often don’t allow direct communication with the previous owners, making it difficult to obtain accurate details. This lack of transparency shifts the liability to the buyers. Protect yourself by working with a dealer who is openly transparent, allows you to see the equipment under power, or is willing to power up the equipment for inspection. Additionally, insist on speaking with the previous owner, especially if the machine is no longer under power.

If the machine is not under power, don't overpay. Ensure you negotiate a good deal to make the risk worthwhile.

For these and other questions, please reach out to us. We help buyers and sellers navigate the challenging market of used machinery.

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