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Used Machinery Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Buying and selling used machinery can be a time-consuming process, challenging to navigate without costing unnecessary money.

Machine Tool Search is your experienced partner in used machinery. We represent sellers as if the machines were our own and help buyers navigate the entire buying process, including rigging and shipping. Our goal is to save buyers thousands per machine and secure a larger return for sellers on the equipment they are selling.

Used Machinery Sales Training

Used Machines

Representing sellers and buyers of used machinery. 
We simplify the process, giving a smooth and completely transparent experience. 

We bring your equipment to numerous used dealers or auction companies, aiming to maximize your returns while we handle the entire process for you.

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Sales Training

Company or Individual training available

Increase leads on equipment for sale, buyers looking and learn how to increase revenue. 

Learn how to leverage technology & Social to increase opportunities and profit. 

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We can get you MORE for your used equipment

The Result

  • Higher more competitive offers

  • A bigger return on your used assets

  • More and better advertising

  • A more transparent & controlled process

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-Being able to have your equipment listed by dozens of companies but only having to deal with one person. 

-Not having to answer dozens of calls from different dealers all asking for the same info.

-Spending less time in the sales process and more time doing your daily job duties instead.

-Getting more money out of your equipment with quicker turn around times. 

-Knowing exactly what your equipment is worth and EXACTLY WHAT IT SELLS FOR. 

How less stressful would it be?

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