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Haas VF-6 For sale
Do you have equipment to sell but don't have the time? WE CAN HELP

Do you have equipment you are looking to sell ASAP? Look no further! Machine Tool Search is here to assist you in finding Cash offers for quick and easy removal. With our expertise and industry connections, we simplify the process of Selling Equipment, ensuring  top offers & quick removals.

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Tsugami MO8SY-II

Used Machinery

  • Get competitive offers on equipment you are selling. Protect yourself against hidden fees.

CNC Machine Delivery


  • Save money and time with our removal professionals. Aimed to save you money and time on equipment removals and rigging.

Machinery Auction

Single Machine or Entire Facilities

  • We help with single machine sales to entire facilities. Get higher returns on your assets by working with people who care.

Machinery Auction

Our Mission to Protect

Our mission is dedicated to safeguarding both buyers and sellers from financial losses in the transactions involving used machinery. We act as intermediaries, representing facilities engaged in selling or purchasing, as if we were the sellers or buyers ourselves.

Our commitment extends to negotiating the most favorable deals for shops looking to sell their equipment, and we guide buyers through each step of the purchasing process. By doing so, we aim to enhance the likelihood of a seamless and mutually beneficial transaction.


Our primary focus revolves around leveraging our expertise to provide assistance. It's important to note that our services are offered entirely free of charge to shops and companies. We are driven by the goal of facilitating transparent, secure, and successful transactions within the used machinery market.

Get the money & protection you need!


With Dozens of dealers waiting to bid, get competitive cash offers for your under utilized, unwanted & surplus equipment

From A Single machine to entire facilities... WANTED!!

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